Monday, December 22, 2008

Maelstrom Excerpt: Christmas (continued)

Continuing with the Christmas excerpts from Maelstrom, Ricky finds himself forced to play host to some unexpected guests.

Ricky sucked in his breath and debated what to do next. “Uh, yeah. This is that big client I was telling you about.” He started to make introductions, but his mother interrupted.

“Ricky, if these are your friends, you need to invite them in.”

“Yeah, it’s cold out,” Adela added, shivering.

He waved the band inside, but grabbed Kalila by the arm. He pulled her aside and muttered in her ear, “Count your blessings that you’re immortal. I could kill you right about now.”

Kalila patted his cheek with a mittened hand. “Merry Christmas to you too, Ricky.”

Ricky introduced everyone, more for his family’s sake than the band’s since they no doubt knew who everyone was already. Then Nevin accepted a cup of hot chocolate and the other band members shed their coats and helped themselves to the scotch. Mike gawked at Kalila in her sexy elf costume, Joanne hovered near Bo, obviously smitten, and Ricky was wondering just how long things could last without a blowup of some kind when Nevin offered to do some magic tricks for the children.

Ricky met his eyes in silent gratitude and urged the family to the sofa to watch. “You’ll love this,” he said, although he had no clue what the fairy had in mind. “He’s very talented.”

Nevin started with some traditional card tricks, then went on to make silver Christmas coins appear in the children’s pockets, in Joanne’s new Coach bag, and behind Mike’s ear. He finished his show by conjuring stockings stuffed with trinkets and candy, which he handed to each family member, including Ricky. Then, while Joanne made cow eyes at Bo, and Mike stared at Kalila’s breasts, the band sang a rousing version of “Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” with the children singing along. When they were finished, they shook hands with everyone and Bo gave Joanne a kiss while Mike glared and clenched his fists like he wished he could throttle him. They approached Ricky’s mother last.

“You have a terrific son, Mrs. Landon,” Nevin told her. “He’s been such a help to us.”

“He’s the best manager we’ve ever had, and we’re sure you’re very proud of him,” Kalila added.

Ricky tried to catch Kalila’s eye while his mother stammered something about what a good boy he was and how she always knew he had it in him. Then the band wished everyone a good night and trooped outside and down the steps like an entire parade.

to be continued...


Anonymous said...

Why do I have the feeling things are going to go embarrassingly wrong quite soon for Ricky?

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Uh-oh... what bomb is about to go off?

Thomma Lyn said...

*snork*... waiting with bated breath... ;)