Thursday, December 11, 2008

Art and Marketing

Yesterday I heard back from Rebecca Gunter, the artist who is going to do a color drawing of the band in my WIP. I told her in November to let me know when she was ready for my info, and last night upon her request, I sent character sketches, an overview of the story, and a short excerpt. Her Livejournal site says she's booked through the end of the year and she previously told me to expect something in January or maybe late December, but of course I'd be thrilled if she could have a first sketch for me to look at sooner.

We shall see. I can be patient, since the draft isn't even done yet and I don't have a website or even a domain name for the project. I've got a lot of ideas for how to market this, though, using the university to build a readership. College students are a great target audience for this type of story and I've got all of Houston's biggest campuses within a five mile radius, as well as the indie bookstores and guitar/drum shops. Catchy artwork and a little perseverance ought to reap rewards.

And a completed, edited, beta-read, re-edited-until-it-hurts novel. Gotta get on that and quit dilly-dallying over my tea at night.


Anonymous said...

It sounds so great and the art and everything sounds so much fun. I hope it takes off for you.

Thomma Lyn said...

Bunnygirl, I'm so excited! The artwork sounds like it will be great, and your marketing plan sounds terrific. And as one of your Betas, I'm chomping at the bit! :-D