Saturday, August 25, 2007

Watch This Space!

So much going on, so little time!

But now that my move is almost complete, I'll be writing again, and that means more posts over here!

To start things off by way of a preliminary announcement, I've done a major edit of the "First Diary" portion of my Diana's Diary blog and uploaded it to Lulu. I've ordered a print and if I like the results, I'll make it available to anyone who would like a copy.

I tightened the language, eliminated inconsistencies and tried to get rid of all the redundant information that was necessary to the blog format, where people might start reading anytime. The book version also has a lot fewer pictures, in an effort to save page space. Even so, it's not a small book. If I end up making it available for purchase, it will therefore be at cost.

I'll also start working again on the "Second Diary" of the blog, which has been in unintended hiatus for a little while. I do have a plan for how her story will end, it's not for awhile yet, and I'll be getting back on track with it very soon-- if not this weekend, for sure by the next.

On tap for this fall, I'll possibly be joining my friend Thomma in doing NaNoWriMo or the fall Seventy Days of Sweat. I'm looking forward to working on some fresh material. And I'm also going to start work on a cleanup of an older novel that I believe is basically sound but could use some editing.

And that's it for right now. This is my last weekend of getting stuff out of my old apartment and storage, and after that I can settle back into a regular life again. This move has been a fantastic, not-to-be-missed opportunity for me, but it's been hell, too.

Anyone reading my Bella Diana blog will have noticed that the posts have continued daily without interruption. This was only because the story is already complete, and even so, it wasn't always easy. I've had a lot of nights of unreliable internet connection, and you know things are bad when it's hard to post even stuff that's already been written.

But all of that is soon to be behind me. More to come!

Watch This Space!