Sunday, August 10, 2008

Steal Tomorrow Now Available

I've finished my line-edits and formatting, and Steal Tomorrow is now available in pocket-size format. I apologize for the price, but Lulu charges more for pocket books than trade paperback size. I added only enough pennies above cost to get an even number. I make about $.09 per copy, so please don't think I'm trying to gouge anyone!

I'll be adding trade paperback (6"x9") and Kindle formats soon, and I'll start the web serialization either tomorrow or the following Monday, depending how quickly I can get my act together.

For those who asked me privately, I did do a little querying on this book, but I didn't get any early nibbles, probably because the premise has been done, no matter how cleverly (I hope) I riffed off it. I also suspect there isn't a huge market for YA/Crossover fiction that references Shakespeare, the Bible, Sun-Tzu, and Ezra Pound, among others. You don't have to be well-read to enjoy Steal Tomorrow, because it's not a pedantic book, but you'll have a lot more fun with it if you catch the references.

Furthermore, I really want to get this story out in the world so I can get it out of my head. Every writer knows the feeling. If I snagged an agent tomorrow, I'd be lucky to see this book in print before 2010. I'm not in this writing thing for fame and fortune and I have a job already, thanks. So I'll do what I can to market this, but without the pressure of a publisher breathing down my neck, needing me to earn back my paltry advance, lest I be dropped.

No pressure, just fun.

Here's the link to the pocket edition: Steal Tomorrow. I'll be posting links to other versions when I have them ready, and check back later tonight or tomorrow for my final decision on when the web serialization begins. Try before you buy!


Anonymous said...

Glad your having fun with it. Have you started something new?

Ann (bunnygirl) said...

Hi, Alix! No, I have nothing major in the works right now, although I've made notes and done some beginnings. One is for something totally different than my usual dark and gloomy fare and the other is for the sequel to Steal Tomorrow. (They still don't have a cure and I want to fix that, after I put Cassie through some additional torment.)

I also have a Steal Tomorrow Extra about half-finished, and I'm thinking I should edit the novel that began my Will and Diana series and make that generally available, too.

So I've got a lot in the queue, it's just a matter of focusing and getting it done.

Thomma Lyn said...

Yay, Bunnygirl! How exciting. :)

Phooey on the non-nibbles from agents -- I guess you'd get nibbles if you turned the characters into vampires and dumbed down the plot about a squillion per cent, but if you did that, ST wouldn't be the engrossing, fabulous story it is. :)

I will be ordering a hard copy -- it's definitely a book I want on my bookshelf. :)

And I will spread the word, both online on my blog, and IRL!