Wednesday, January 30, 2008

On Getting Published

Of course I knew getting something published wasn't as simple as sending it off and waiting for it to appear in print. I hadn't realized, though, the extent to which I would be involved in the process for just a short piece of 930 words. There was a contract to read and sign. I had to write a bio (always a troublesome thing for me). They wanted a picture, so I had to get my husband to take some, select the least bad and then review the final copy. I was asked to make several edits to my story, and then there was a final proof to review.

I learned a lot and am very grateful for the experience. They're real pros at Flash Fiction Online, and I'm impressed with both the quality of their zine and the care they take with their contributors.

My story should be up on Friday and I'll post a link. I hope my friends will take the time to read all the stories and maybe submit something of their own for a future issue. If you can't submit, leave a little donation in their virtual kitty. They work hard to put out a professional product and they deserve it!


Alice Audrey said...

I went through all those steps with Moving In, too. Photos and bios I could have done without.

I followed the link, but I have no idea where your story is.

Ann (bunnygirl) said...

February 2008. I think you've seen it, though: Masquerade at Well Country Camp

Alice Audrey said...

I did see that one. Thanks.

A TB ward makes a great kind of apocalyptic setting.