Sunday, December 30, 2007


Now that I'm submitting stories to contests and paying markets, it's about time I had a more serious website. It's here, and I'd appreciate tips and suggestions.

I've also prettified my Lulu Storefront and would appreciate thoughts on my new banner. You'll see I've got my newly-compiled "Will and Diana Adventures" ready for purchase (it's also available in Kindle format at Amazon). It has two stories that have not been posted here, and lots of nifty pictures, like in "My New-Found Land."

And speaking of "My New-Found Land," Thomma has a very nice review of it on her site. Thanks, Thomma! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

And finally, I know it's the holidays, folks, and I'm as guilty as anyone of comment laziness, but a lot of people contributed some very fine stories to the Holiday Flash Fiction Carnival, so please take a minute to read and comment. The person looking for comment love tomorrow might be you, yanno.


Anonymous said...

You're more than welcome re: the review! Diana rocks. :-D

Your new Lulu Storefront looks great, and wowie, I love your new website! The picture of you and Tidbit is way cool. And your header looks great, too! :)

I've been doing housie stuff all day, and I'm worn plumb out -- I'm going to kick back and read some more stories from the Flash Fiction Carnival! You're right about the comment love. :)

Unknown said...

The banner looks excellent, and the! I never knew NM was that beautiful!

MaoMao said...

We Ballicai are furry ecksited fur you, Auntie Bunnygurl!

And Happy New Year!!!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao.

Anonymous said...

Your new site looks great! And I love the picture of you and Tidbit. Tid and I are different-species twins, *giggle*!

Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!

Arachne Jericho said...

Hello Ann!

I like your new site. I have some questions & suggestions. Take all with a grain of salt, because I'm not only very new to the "have a professional-ish site" thing, but I also have a very different focus (namely, blog blog blog blog).

I'd like to know more About you. :) If you can make an About you post, and link it in the sidebar near the top, I think that would be cool. You can include some pictures in there, or maybe just a picture.

Everyone can access contact information on blogger by clicking through to someone's profile, but I think it wouldn't hurt to have your contact information prominent on your front page. Perhaps even have an entire Contact post that's linked from the side, like an About post.

(Speaking of which, I think your About My Dystopian Fiction post should also be linked in the side.)

Do you plan to update your site a lot? What do you want to use your site for? That will affect further design and content decisions. My decisions in this area certainly affected my own site.

Hope these suggestions are helpful.

WriterKat said...

Your new site looks great. Love it! And the store is nice too - your art work is beautiful. I hope you get lots of sales. :-)

I got to get to the Xmas FFC comments. Thank God vacation is over & my husband's back to work/school at nights. Now I can have a blog life again. ;-)