Wednesday, March 07, 2007

What We Do For Our Writing!

Trying to decide on a route to Marble Falls! Is there a way that won't take me through Austin? And should I go up Thursday night or Friday morning?

I'm leaning toward Friday morning, since it will give me more time to pack and prepare. I'll have to either contend with Thursday evening rush hour in Houston or Friday morning rush hour in Austin, no matter what I do, so unless I want to drive up after dark on Thursday (bad idea with my depth perception issues), I might as well go up when it suits me best. And dashing from the office into rush hour traffic just so I can spend money at an Austin-area hotel doesn't appeal.

Of course, neither does heading out the door at 5AM on Friday, but what can you do?


But it's all for love. I'm going to brush up on the skills my characters have and I'll take lots of pics for the fiction blog. So it's all good, and I'm blessed to be able to do this, no matter how big a hassle it is to get there. The Texas Hill Country is beautiful and I have a feeling I'm going to be really glad I went!

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