Saturday, May 17, 2008

Dropping In

I apologize for the recent lapses in posting. Transitioning out of my old job, getting ready for vacation, dealing with a sick pet, and trying to finish my novel before I leave town have taken their toll on what little "free" time I have.

I'm at 95K on my word count and will probably finish the draft very close to 100K. Where it will end up after editing is hard to say.

I've started a blog for this project and friend Thomma's recent blog template escapades made me realize I'm not the only writer who can easily get sucked into making banners and mucking around with HTML and CSS codes. Right now I have a background image that is refusing to obey the no-repeat command. Nice. But I'll keep looking for a way to fix it because I'm stubborn that way and because one of my friends at work runs the university's web tech group. I have contacts. Insider knowledge and expertise. So why is it so much more fun to muddle with it myself? I get plenty of opportunities to cuss in real life. I don't need blogger for that.

Anyway, since I'm almost done with my first draft, I'll be taking a break soon to write some website content for the new blog. I'll have info about the story premise, the characters, etc, as well as photographs and other cool things. I'm leaning heavily toward publishing the whole story online once I've been through a couple good edits and a beta read or two. So look for more info about this project soon!


Thomma Lyn said...

WOOT! I'm so excited about your new book and new blog!

And ACK, I'm the same way about liking to muddle with tech stuff myself. I know just enough to be dangerous (to myself) -- I would rate around vintage 1997 HTML coding ability; ha! I know precious little about CSS or XML, but that didn't stop me from fiddlefardling with CSS/XML for the last five or so templates I've had. :) Hair-pulling, cussing and fussing, oh my!

Wow, there are lots of exciting things going on for you right now, but I know you'll be glad when things settle down again. And I'm sending snuggles to sweet little Tidbit! My heart goes out to you -- I know how stressful it is when a precious pet is sick. I hope she gets well soon! The Ballicai are purring for her.

I can't wait to check out your new blog, and if you'd like me to beta read your novel, please holler at me. :) I'm happy to help!

Anonymous said...

Very excited about the blog and your new book!

Computers are so frustrating when they don't work but the satisfaction when you finally solve the problem is great :)

Hope Tidbit is doing better now and you manage to get on your vacation, it sounds like you need one.

Steph said...

It is such a great feeling when you finish a first draft, isn't it? In fact, I would say it's surpassed only by the extreme sense of foreboding toward the editing process to come. :P

Just kidding, congratulations. :)