Monday, May 12, 2008


I broke 90K on my novel this weekend! I'm definitely on track for finishing before I go on vacation, now that my vacation got pushed back a week because of my new job.

I've started a spiffy new blog where I'll post preview information about the new novel, and maybe even post the whole novel itself. I'm still divided on whether or not to seek publication and I'll know more once I've taken a break from it and started my revisions. But in general, I'm leaning more and more toward being a committed web and POD publisher until retirement gives me the time I would need to be successful in the world of traditional publication.

I'm not posting my new blog url yet, since it's still under construction. If time permits, I'll have the bare-bones version available for viewing before I leave later this month. I'll start populating it with information about characters and locations upon my return. It's hard to keep from working on it because it's a fresh and new creative project, which always gets me excited and eager to do everything right away. Patience is not my strong suit by a long shot!

But for now, patience is necessary. Time spent creating banners in PhotoShop for the blog is time not spent finishing the draft.

If only there were just a few more hours in the day!


Anonymous said...

Oh, Bunnygirl! *jumping up and down* I can't wait to check out your new blog, and huge congratulations on breaking 90K! WOO HOO!

I enjoy your work tremendously, and I'm excited about your new novel. Whatever direction you take with the new book, you can count on me to buy a copy!

Anonymous said...

That is excellent congratulations! I am so excited for you.

I can't wait to see the new blog and hear about the new novel, you definitely one of my favourite authors.

BTW if you want a good vacation book then Life as we knew it is turning out to be excellent!

Steph said...

90K? I envy you. I'm just hitting about 60K on mine (and I did so hope to be finished before June!)