Sunday, November 02, 2008

The Writer and the Pesky Spouse

I'm sure I speak for most writers when I say that I need control over my environment when I write. Everyone has a setup that works for them, but for most of us, it's one that is one of limited random distractions.

Somehow, I can't get my husband completely on board with this. He knows that once I've made my evening tea and shut the door at night, I'm not to be disturbed. But I like to use my Sunday morning to read through what I wrote the night before and maybe write a little more. For some reason though, Dan doesn't get it that the previous night's "don't disturb" rules apply to morning writing time as well.

And so I get pestered with questions, bits of cheerful morning song, requests for things to pick up at the store when I go run errands later, and tales of what the cat or bunny are up to, and although it's always a lovely thing to have one's spouse in a happy and sharing mood, there are times when it's just aggravating as all hell. I read the same three paragraphs over and over, unable to get the full effect (or just check if there even is an effect) because of the pestering.

"Have you seen my running shoes?"

"Where's the sugar?"

"Does this coffee cup look clean?"

"Come see what the bunny is doing. He's so cute!"

Oh well. There's always tonight for writing.


Thomma Lyn said...

Argh! I hear ya. Non-writers, even when they mean well and are supportive, seem to have a very hard time understanding that once we are deep into our fictional worlds, interruptions are not just a minor annoyance, but they jerk us all the way out of our stories. When the flow is going, it's like we're in an altered state of consciousness, and interruptions severely disrupt that and makes it all the harder to get back.

Hang in there! :)

Thomma Lyn said...

Meant to say, "...interruptions MAKE it all the harder to get back..." :)

Reminder to self: edit comment before posting, hehe!

Zoe Winters said...

I feel your pain. I used to have that problem with Tom, except now I stay home and write during the day, so no interruptions. Yay. Also, sometimes he works a little at home in the evening, and so I can write then too if I need to.

The other day I had to take him to the DMV, and I brought my printout to do proofing edits on it, and he was surprisingly non-disturbing.

Maybe men can be trained.

An Honest Lie said...

Well done! A very enjoyable piece that truly captures the moment and says what all us writers would like to say, "Leave me alone!" For me, it isn't a pesky husband, it's the pesky ... CAT. MROUWW ... Come and feed me! MROUWW ... I don't like what you gave me. MROUWW ... there's a stray cat in my yard. MROUWW, MROUWW, MROUWW, MROUWW, MROUWW ... THERE'S A STRAY CAT IN MY YARD !!! MAKE IT GO AWAY!

I really enjoyed this piece. It's light and airy, like a sweet breeze through the window. And though it's brief and not long on words, it says volumes. Please keep up the good work!