Sunday, June 15, 2008

Updates on Works in Progress

I've got some new stuff at the Oddments link on my Steal Tomorrow blog. Poetry, excerpts and reading list-- oh, my!

I've also started work on the sequel. It was hard getting those first words written. I hate that moment where you're sitting in front of a blank page, thinking, "Whatever I write, it'll be crap." But at some point you just have to go ahead and write something, anything, and it often turns out just fine. Besides, I'm of the opinion that the first few pages are usually for the author, not the reader. They get your head into the right place to write what the book is really about. If by the end of the book, the first part no longer suits, you delete it.

That's what drafts are for.

But the really good news about the sequel, aside from the fact that I started, is that I finally found out the motivation for my bad guy's behavior. Chicks and power are lame and overdone, so it had to be something bigger. I wanted him to have the kind of motive that a rational person might say, "Sure, it sounds good in theory, but in actual practice it's totally unworkable and unethical."

I think I have that motive! I'm going to get a lot of good (read: dark and weird) stuff out of this one!

But for now, go check out the Oddments! More content will follow over the next few weeks!


Anonymous said...

Loving the oddments, it's like a trailer.
Glad you got inspired for the new story.

Thomma Lyn said...

Oh, what fun! I enjoyed reading the Oddments. :)

And I'm so glad you're rocking and rolling on the sequel! To Rock and Roll on a novel is divine. :)